Nebraska Transportation Funding Conference

                Exploring options to fund our transportation system and create strong statewide

                                         support for a robust transportation program in Nebraska.

"I think it has been well-established today that Nebraska's transportation system plays a vital role in the quality of its citizens' lives.  The state's economy is heavily dependent upon the agricultural and transportation industries.  Having a robust and quality highway system is not only vital to the movement of goods and people, it is absolutely essential to the development and success of this state," stated Senator Deb Fischer during her closing remarks at the conference.



During the conference break out session, participants were asked to rank a variety of transportation funding mechanisms they would support.  The top 5 transportation funding mechanisms were:


                                    1.  Increase gas tax

                           2.  Bonding

                           3.  Index the Fuel Tax to inflation

                           4.  Local option Fuel Tax or Sales Tax

                           5.  Transportation Improvement Districts


               Click here for a look at all the funding mechanisms to select from.

           Click here for the Top Revenue Enhancement Options and their rankings.


The breakout groups were also given 3 questions to discuss:

                      1.  What did you hear today that would be a workable option for additional

                           revenue generation for surface transportation.


                     2.   Are there areas of funding you could support that were not discussed today?

                     3.   Of all the ideas heard today, what would be the top two revenue enhancement                            ideas your group could support?

Click here to see the full listing of responses

and a ranking of the top two revenue enhancement ideas.

We've also included a

summary of the break out session responses.



     Thank you to everyone who attended the Nebraska Transportation Funding Conference August 26th!  It was a sell out crowd of nearly 300 people – each interested in developing solutions for meeting the state’s transportation funding challenges.

     Senators Deb Fischer and Brad Ashford brought together Nebraska’s political, business and community leaders for this one day session where presenters shared ideas on potential funding sources, reviewed our state’s transportation needs, and discussed the economic impact of infrastructure investment to our state’s economy and.

     Dozens of state, city and county officials from Nebraska, including 33 State Senators were in the audience.  Also in the audience, business leaders, industry representatives, and Chambers of Commerce from across the state who know the great economic benefits of transportation investments and who are looking for a plan to increase those investments.

     The Senators asked participants for potential solutions for consideration.  Nearly every solution offered suggested an increase in the user fee (gas tax) and using a combination of funding mechanisms in a comprehensive package, including bonding. The results of the small groups’ funding options survey and questionnaire will be posted soon.

     Senator Fischer is developing a “bold” plan to address declining transportation funding.  She serves as Chair of the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee and knows the impact to our state if we don’t increase the funding.  Last summer, the Committee hosted a series of meetings throughout the state gathering information from constituents on the needs and possible funding solutions.  LR 152 outlines the results of the meetings which includes 31 funding options. 

    Senator Fischer will introduce legislation this January.  For the legislation to pass, interested parties – which means all Nebraskans – will need to be advocates for increased transportation funding.   We will need to let our legislators know we support increased transportation funding – it is critical to our state’s growth.  We need to let our neighbors and our communities and our local newspapers know the dire conditions that will exist in the very near future without increased funding and the negative impact to our economy without the additional funding.  “I believe it is going to take a dedicated group of public officials, industry representatives, and the general public to understand the severity of the situation we are in and advocate for the solution to the problem,” said Senator Deb Fischer. “This conference was the first step in the process.” 

     Information about the proposed the legislation will be posted as it becomes available. Keep checking the website for additional information for ways you can help advocate for increased funding.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


For more information contact:

Mary Johnson:  or

Jackie McCullough:




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signed into law this spring.



NE Transportation and Telecommunications Committee Interim Study. Click below.


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Conference presenters who had power point presentations as well as the overall conference power point are available for viewing here:

Eric Thompson-Economic Impact of Transportation Investments


Jay Rempe-Nebraska Farm Bureau


Julie Lorenz-TWorks

Transportation Works for Kansas


Randy Kaster-Federal/State Fund Exchange for Transportation Projects


Paul Mullen-MAPA 2011-2015 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


Monty Fredrickson-2009 State Highway Needs Assessment


LR152 Summary Points


Transportation Funding Conference



These Senators attended the conference.  Please thank them for attending.  Don't see YOUR Senator on the list? Llet them know how important this subject is to you and ask them to contact Dusty Vaughan, Legal Counsel for the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee for more information.

Senators in Attendance:

Ashford, Campbell, Carlson, Conrad, Cook, Council, Dubas, Fischer, Gay, Giese, Gloor, Haar, Hadley, Harms, Heidemann, Howard, Janssen, Krist, Louden, McGill, Mello, Nordquist, Pahls, Pirsch, Price, Rogert, Schilz, Stuthman, Sullivan, Utter.